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New Hampshire Property Owners - WHY JOIN NHPOA?



The New Hampshire Property Owners Association (NHPOA) is the largest rental property owner association in the state. The NHPOA is a non-profit group made up of rental property owners, managers and others with similar business affiliations. Our members are predominantly “mom and pop” landlords, who live in two- or three-family homes, or run part-time or full-time rental businesses.

As rental property owners, we currently face the toughest economic climate we are likely to see in a generation. In addition, we are on the wrong side of some of the toughest pro-tenant legislation in the nation. The only way to ensure growth and stability in this climate is to create favorable legislation and educate our members.

So what are the benefits of joining NHPOA?

1. We conduct regional meetings and workshops regularly with industry professionals as keynote speakers on a wide variety of subjects to help educate members. Subjects include:
1. Landlord-tenant laws;
2. Tenant screening;
3. Real estate investment;
4. Building and fire codes;
5. Legislative issues;
6. Lead paint concerns;
7. Accounting and Tax issues;

1. We have established a well-respected name at the State House. Today a legislative team of volunteers continue this work on behalf of landlords throughout the state. Our legislative work helps to preserve your assets by keeping tabs on issues that affect landlords and their business interests.
2. We work with Public Officials and the Media on issues affecting the rental housing industry
3. We provide a monthly newsletter to all members. It contains articles of interest, legislative updates, tips of the month, calls to action and a variety of topics all pertinent to our business. Samples of past articles include:
1. “Getting the lead out”;
2. “Financial aid for landlords for lead abatement”;
3. “Just say no to Government interference”
4. “Getting a jump on Taxes”;
5. “Heads Up on CO2 detectors”;
6. “Tips for renting in a down market”;
7. “Thousand dollars a day levied against landlords”;
8. “Why a LLC”;
9. Tenant files suit over bedbugs”;
4. We provide a state-of-the-art website which is evolving as a 'hub' of activity for our members. Content includes articles, FAQ’s, podcasts, videocasts, legal documents, lead information and a call to action section for developing situations.
5. We have twice successfully lobbied against Rent Control Legislation.
6. We have provided critical support in formulating legislation that impact on property owners. Current examples include the following bills which are in favor of landlords:
1. http://www.petition.fm/petitions/yestosb377/ This bill establishes a procedure and timeline for determining that a dwelling unit has been abandoned and for returning or disposing of any personal property left by the prior tenant. (Has your tenant actually left or are you opening yourself up to $1000/day penalties)
2. http://www.petition.fm/petitions/yestosb341/ This bill repeals RSA 540-A:4, IX, permitting an action for damages under the consumer protection act for violations of the law governing certain landlord-tenant practices. ($1,000/day penalty against landlords)
3. http://www.petition.fm/petitions/yestohb1486/This bill prohibits the mandating of fire sprinkler systems in any new or existing one-, 2-, or 3-family dwelling. (Can you afford to retrofit your buildings?)
4. http://www.petition.fm/petitions/yestohb1191/This bill prohibits the fire code from requiring the installation of fire sprinkler systems in single or multi-family dwellings.
5. http://www.petition.fm/petitions/yesto1413/This bill requires the payment of weekly rental payments into court by a tenant during an eviction proceeding.

1. Our members currently serve on various state advisory committees protecting your rights.
2. We offer opportunity for networking with other property owners and managers.
3. We provide a forum to discuss experiences and learn from each other.
4. We are dedicated to protecting our members’ investments through political advocacy in the halls of state and local government, assisting them to comply with new laws and regulations through knowledge and information and educating members on emerging trends, legal issues, risk management and best business practices.

Your financial, physical and vocal support helps us to:

* Press for reform of landlord-tenant laws in New Hampshire;
* Educate the public, the media and legislators about property owner issues;
* Educate property owners;
* Organize grassroots lobbying and campaigning;
* Maintain a full-time office with staff to manage the day-to-day operations of NHPOA;

Of course, we will be doing this for other members anyway, so why should you join?

Simply put, there is strength in numbers. Alone we can do very little. Together we can achieve anything.