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New Hampshire Property Owners - Landlord / Tenant Laws and You

Landlord / Tenant Laws and You


By Frank Santiago


aving been a landlord for a few years now, I have discovered two things to be true. The first is that the NHPOA is an invaluable resource that affords us the opportunity to connect with other landlords, they also lobby on our behalf in Concord, and they also help us to learn the ropes and avoid the pitfalls of being a landlord. The second truth I have discovered is that the Landlord / Tenant laws of the State of New Hampshire are heavily in favor of the tenant.

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There are many other ways that you as a landlord can become active and help NH to become landlord friendly. Share these ideas with others. Don’t sit by the sidelines and let these unfair laws just “happen” to you. Together, we have a strong voice that our legislators will begin to hear, but that won’t happen unless we work together. NHPOA is a group of Landlords helping Landlords. Let us help each other! Please get involved.