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New Hampshire Property Owners - "Lead Save Renovation" with Norm Abram

"Lead Save Renovation" with Norm Abram


Did You Know….?

Lead based paint was used in more than 38 million homes in the United States before it was banned by Congress in 1978. Between 30 and 40% of the existing housing stock in our country likely contains lead.

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Popular star of This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop, teaches homeowners and volunteers the five components of lead safe work practices that are essential to understanding how to safely repair and rehab homes built before 1978.

You don’t have to do repairs or renovations to disturb lead; the daily use of windows, doors, and other high wear areas can create lead dust.
It only takes a small amount to poison a child. If you cut a penny in 2 million pieces, a child who consumes between 5 and 10 of those pieces would become
lead poisoned.