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Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Guidelines

The purpose of this addendum is to address the possible installation and administrative requirements that will be associated with RSA 153:10-a.

Guidance for the installation of carbon monoxide detectors. These guidelines are for reference only and have not been adopted as yet.

CO2 Guidelines.pdf



The New Hampshire Property Owners Association (NHPOA) is the largest rental property owner association in the state. The NHPOA is a non-profit group made up of rental property owners, managers and others with similar business affiliations. Our members are predominantly “mom and pop” landlords, who live in two- or three-family homes, or run part-time or full-time rental businesses.


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NHPOA, with your support aims to see balance restored to the property owners of our state. Landlord and tenants alike must be held accountable for any wrongful act and we, as landlords, rely on the judiciary to ensure that laws are implemented fairly. However, this is not presently the case. We as a united group need to stand up and let our voices be heard.  Together we will be heard! Individually, we are being marginalized, silently and effectively. We have allowed this to happen because we are under the misconception "that will not happen to me"! We are mistaken – In 2010 House Bill 475-FN, marked as "ought to pass" (passed 13-1) by a House committee provided that landlords could be found guilty of Class A felonies. (Class A felonies carry a mandatory 7 to 15 year jail sentence)  This related to prohibited acts by landlords, which were linked to the Consumer Protection Act. So an example of the ridiculous consequence of this bill would be a Class A felony charge for failing to provide a receipt. NHPOA ALONE (no other property owners association) drew the attention of the House to the fact that the bill, although superb in its intention, actually linked some landlord/tenant issues to this same "punishment". The bill was subsequently tabled (after an ought to pass vote in committee). Landlords are often the victims of unintended consequences of well-meaning legislation. Without NHPOA’s efforts, this bill would have slipped in under the radar.  

As the relatively new president of this association, I will tell you that this association will not survive without you. We need you to join!  NHPOA proposed Senate Bill 70 this year, which, amongst other things, changes the storage period that a landlord has to store a tenant’s goods after they have left the premises from 28 days to 7 days. There is not a landlord out there that does not benefit from this bill. This bill will affect every landlord's bottom line! SB70 is FAIR and necessary for our economy! NHPOA did this with the help of its members and that of the Senators and Representatives that "Walk the Walk” not just “Talk the Talk”.

NHPOA is a non-profit trade association, made up of volunteers that fight for your rights throughout the year. They selflessly take time to discuss solutions to the myriad of problems facing landlords today. We have meetings where professional (including attorneys) take the time to give us advice on our individual issues at no cost. We have an informative, ever evolving website and numerous benefits available to our members. Our success depends on landlords being UNITED! Join today for an annual fee of $50.00 (January to January, no pro-rating). We would have earned your $50 a 1000 times over, just with the passing of SB70, and that was just one of our bills this year. Don't live with regret and one day "wish" you had joined to ensure our existence. EMPOWER us now... join now! We have already proven NHPOA's performance to you and with your help we will continue to do so.

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